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Bold Lipstick and Bare Faced

As a makeup artist I have had the privilege of doing makeup for so many beautiful women. I love being able to enhance a woman’s natural features and make her feel absolutely gorgeous especially on special occasions like her wedding day. In my 13 years of doing makeup I have come across so many women who do not have the confidence that they should - and I feel like in the last few years it has become worse. What is happening that more and more woman do not realize their value?

Let’s face it - if all women had as much confidence as they should I would have a lot less makeup to do and the beauty industry would make a fraction of what they do now - which is in the billions. Do not get me wrong - I love makeup. Is makeup fun? DEFINITELY! Can it be used as a tool to enhance your natural beauty? (WHICH WE ALL HAVE!) Absolutely! Does it feel amazing sometimes to go all out and do something crazy, different or bold with your makeup? YES! Is it necessary for daily wear? Maybe not - I think this varies from person to person. I know the feeling of putting on a face full of makeup and instantly feeling better about myself all too well. I do it all the time. Depressed - lots of makeup, sad - lots of makeup, sick and tired - lots of makeup, not feeling great about myself? more makeup. This has been the very first time in my adult life that I have been ok with stepping out of the house without makeup on.

When I am wearing a bold lip like a dark ruby or a bright red I will often get comments like “oh I could never wear that” or “I could never pull that off” or - and this is quite possibly the worst that I have heard - “I am too fat to wear a colour like that” One of the most heartbreaking comments I have ever heard. Since when does the shape or size of your body dictate what colours you can wear on your face? IT DOESN’T! I have news for you all! Listen closely- You can wear nearly anything and everything - if it is applied properly (which I can help you with) and you have the confidence to back it up. Obviously some colours will always look better than others depending on your skin tone (which I can also help you with) but you can do it ladies! Can I tell you guys a secret? Even when I, a makeup artist, am wearing a bright or bold lip I feel slightly insecure about it. You want to know another secret? I’ve made the decision to wear it in extreme confidence.

And in the same way, I have been wearing my “no makeup face” in extreme confidence as well. And that is something that I have really had to work on. Even more than the bold, bright lipstick. This has been a huge struggle for me. It was very rare for me to ever leave my house without a stitch of makeup. I would always have at least mascara and my brows filled in since both are so light. And I mean always - walking my kids to school, grocery store - everywhere I went. Do I like the way that I look when I have makeup on? Yes! Do I need to have it on to live my everyday life? No. I was watching The Voice the other night (my husbands guilty pleasure) and it was so refreshing to see Alicia Keys with her “no makeup” makeup look. She is a beautiful woman! I am hoping that beauty trends in 2017 will lean more towards this fresh faced look. There is so much more to me (and to every other woman out there) than what makeup I am wearing, how my hair looks and what clothes I have on.

So , let's make a promise to each other for 2017. To love ourselves - no matter what our shape, size, age, makeup or no makeup and choose to live life in confidence.

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