8 Tips for Great Wedding Day Makeup

Updated: Jul 2, 2019

You've booked an amazing makeup artist and are getting excited for your big day! Here are some tips to ensure that your makeup is the best that it can be from morning until night.

1. Have a Trial

I highly recommend having a trail before your big day. If you decide it's not something that you need that is ok... but seriously - Book a Bridal Consultation.

2. Don't Get Waxed Too Close to the Big Day!

Give your skin a 2-3 day healing period (or more!) or your makeup will not adhere properly to the areas that you have had waxed.

3. Tanning

If you are going to tan - make sure that you go somewhere that is reliable. No spray booths please! I always recommend my lovely friend Erika from Your Spa Solutions. I have had numerous tans with her and I am never orange and I am always left glowing and golden.

4. Don't Get Burnt!

Be Careful In the Sun It's so important to make sure that you keep your skin safe from those rays. Don't forget to avoid tan lines.

5. Take Care of your Skin

Establish a good skincare routine in the months leading up to the wedding (if you don't already have one). Don't Do Any Chemical Peels 1 Month Before the Wedding your skin could become chapped, dry, and red or you could have a reaction. It's best to give your skin some time to heal

6. Make Sure You Have Enough Time

Your makeup will know how much time they need. Generally I like to have 40 minutes per person for makeup. It's always better to have too much time instead of not enough.

7. Have Photos of Your Desired Look

Its a good idea to have photo reference of makeup that you like. If you don&