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ABOUT meghan


Meghan has been in the beauty industry for over 20 years. She first started her career in cosmetology, attending CMU College in Toronto, ON. She did makeup for many different editorials and cosmetic companies.  As the years progressed she narrowed her focus to bridal makeup services. 

In 2017, she had her eyebrows microbladed and she knew it was something she wanted to learn. 

In 2017 she trained under Pennylane Ritchie & Jade McAlpine - 2 of the industries leaders in permanent makeup through Beauty By Design Training Co.

in 2017 she also completed training in brow waxing/tinting as well as lash lifts

In 2018 she expanded her knowledge of microblading and brows by taking 2 courses. The first focused on brow mapping with Jenn Boyd Ink and another with Boujee Brows/Minx Brows that also focused on mapping and shaping techniques as well as manual shading. 

"I had my eyebrows microbladed and it gave me more confidence in my appearance. I loved the way that it made me feel and I really wanted to be able to help people to look their best and feel that way too"

mb brow+beauty guelph microblading tattoo.jpg

In August of 2021 Meghan trained with Lili Ma of Permanent Beauty by Lili and Amanda of Permanent Beauty by Amanda (the brow girls). She learned their signature technique of nano brows as well as ombre shading. 

In 2022 she took a brow foundation master class with Boujee Brows as well as Blade to Brow which focused on tattoo machine hair strokes, microblading techniques and machine shading. She  also completed an online corse with Monica Ivani, another industry leader,  which focused on nano hair stroke patterns and techniques. 

Meghan takes the safety of her clients very seriously. She follows all industry standard health and safety regulations. She is registered with the city, has completed her Bloodborne Pathogens course through the Canadian Red Cross, is insured and has health inspections regularly.

In 2023 Meghan began offering 1  on 1 microblading training for those wanting to learn the fundamentals of the art. She also offers fully customizable  courses for those wanting to polish up on  their microblading  skills from previous classes.


Meghan has performed thousands of brow services continues to grow in her knowledge of brows and her permanent makeup career. She currently runs her studio MB brow+beauty in beautiful downtown Guelph, ON. The studio is open by appointment only. 

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