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Rose Quartz Facial Rollers have a long list of beauty benefits! This beautiful gemstone roller is used as a gentle way to massage tension and relieve stress from our facial area, help in reducing fine lines, assist with better circulation, and help massage in facial products or essential oils. They are a must have for all beauty gurus!


  • Roll over facial muscles for increased blood circulation
  • Massaging motion helps lyphatic drainage for reduced puffiness & inflammation
  • cold, natural stone helps to soothe tired, irritated skin; refridgerate for additional cooling benefits
  • dual ended roller accomidates all areads of the face

Rose Quartz Facial Roller

C$28.00 Regular Price
C$5.00Sale Price
    1. Cleanse skin
    2. Apply serum or moisturizer
    3. Gently roll on the face in the following ways:
    • along cheekbones towards the hairline
    • under eyes, upwards
    • from center of chin, along the jawline and towards the ears
    • upwards over forehead 
    • down the sides of the neck towards the chest
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