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Experience the Best of Revive7 with the Day & Night Duo! 

Use the Revive7's Revitalizing Mascara every morning to add depth, colour, and volume to your lashes.

Then use Revive7 Lash Serum as part of your nightly routine to nourish your lashes while you sleep.

The results will be thicker, healthier, fuller lashes both day and night!


Revive7 Lash Serum
◦ Grade-A serum
◦ Made in Canada
◦ Vegan
◦ Offers significant results without harmful ingredients
◦ Clinically tested
◦ Recommended by dermatologists
◦ Improves lash and brow health, thickness and fullness
◦ Results within 7-21 days with daily use
◦ Conditions and revitalizes lashes in 7 - 21 days

 Revive 7 Serum Mascara

◦ Vegan
◦ Smudge-Proof
◦ All-natural
◦ Hypoallergenic
◦ Nourishes your lashes with each wear
◦ Mascara & Serum combined for strengthening natural lashes
◦ Made in Canada

REVIVE7 night+day

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C$92.00Sale Price
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